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“Accounting Experts” is a leading Finance and Accounting (F&A) services provider, delivering Accounting, Compliance and Reporting services to Startups and Small Businesses. With its management team of highly skilled and experienced Chartered Accountants, Tax consultants, Cost Accountants and Financial Analysts, the objective of “AE” is to provide state of the art services.

AE is committed to providing its clients with one-on-one attention for all their small business needs. At AE, we understand that record keeping and financial analysis is not necessarily at the top of your priority list when faced with the other demanding challenges and pressures of running the business. However, you need this information at your fingertips to make good business decisions and respond quickly and accurately to external parties. As a business owner, you will know the more time you spend on organizing non-value-creating paperwork, the more your business is hurt. Your time would be better invested in business building and marketing activities.

Finding, Retaining and Training qualified staff are one of the biggest challenges facing Startups and Small Businesses. By choosing us as your Accounting Partner, it not only helps you overcome these issues, but also save costs significantly. Our Objective is to provide professional Accounting, Compliance and Reporting Services to businesses making them more efficient in their operations.

There are various service models available to choose from based on the size of the Company. As we offer online accounting services, you have anywhere-anytime access to accounting information.

Our team of experienced and credentialed professionals has successfully assisted many startups and small businesses to realize the outsourcing advantage. This has given them a sustainable edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


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