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At Accounting Experts, we manage critical, but non core functions of Startups and Small businesses – Accounting, Compliance and Reporting, which help them concentrate more on their core functions and expand their business. Our clients see us as an integral part of their in-house team and rely on us for their decisions making. Our professional approach and commitment towards our clients allow them to optimize their business processes. Here are some of the reasons, why our clients prefer us :

  • Our Methodical and Systematic approach, which is process driven rather than dependent on an individual.
  • We depute one Senior Chartered Accountant from our team to review the accounts of every client, which allows them to reap the benefits of a virtual CFO, without incurring significant costs.
  • The Emphasis of our services is on generation of information for strategic decision making.
  • We have a team of Function Experts for VAT, Service Tax, Income Tax, Corporate Law and Fund raising, who can be consulted as and when needed and hence we become an one stop shop for our clients.
  • We are flexible and able to cope up with any changed requirement of our clients.
  • We maintain accounts online, thereby making the process more efficient and providing our clients anytime-anywhere access to accounting information.
  • Our turnaround time is quick.
  • Our approach to the clients is flexible and engaging.
  • Give more time to clients, build on the relationships and get higher value added business


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One Stop Shop

You have to manage relationships with your Accountants, Tax Consultants, Auditors and Software vendor, which is costly and time consuming.

Accounting Experts is a one stop shop for all your Accounting, Reporting and Tax Compliance needs.


You cannot expect from your Inhouse accountant to possess knowledge of all statutory requirements and comply with them in time.

At Accounting Experts, your accounts are prepared and reviewed by specialists to ensure that all applicable compliances are done on time.

Decision Support

Difficult to get Management reports and Issues demanding action from the Inhouse Accounting.

Accounting Experts sends you standard management reports periodically and also customizes reports upon specific requirements to assist in informed decision making.

Management time

Extensive monitoring time.

Focus on expanding business.


May be inaccurate and incomplete, which impacts business decision.

Accuracy and Quality is better due to operational efficiency.


Have to spend on Software, Upgrades and Training and yet information cannot be accessed when out of office.

Accounting Experts will pay for Accounting software cost and we ensure that you get an anytime-anywhere access to accounting information.

HR Cost

Cost of Recruitment, Training and Retention is high. There are administrative costs also associated to Accountants working inhouse.

We hire the best accountants and invest on training them. You pay us a package cost for our professinal accounting service.


Risk of fraud and non-compliance is relatively high.

Low fraud risk and ensures timely and proper compliance to statutory requirements.

Access to expertise

Pay consultants for Compliances and Expert Advise.

Access to the pool of experts of Accounting Experts.

Seasonal Needs/ Temporary Need

It is difficult to scale up or down, if there is increased accounting needs temporaririy.

With Accounting Experts, you can temporarily increase the commitment in case of overload.

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